Basil Green/Fine Cut - 5 lbs. $30.00
Choose Fine or Ribbon Cut
Basil Green/Ribbon Cut - 5 lbs. $30.00

Hunter Green/Fine Cut - 5 lbs. $30.00
Choose Fine or Ribbon Cut
Hunter Green/Ribbon Cut - 5 lbs. $30.00

Teal/Fine Cut - 5 lbs. $30.00
Black/Fine Cut - 5 lbs.  $30.00 
  We sell only the finest grade of Aspen Wood Excelsior. 
If you find cheaper prices on the web, it is not the same product.  There are many grades of excelsior and if the price is cheaper, you are not buying the finest grade cut.  There will be jagged strips and lots of dust in the cheaper excelsior. You get what you pay for!

Available in a wide variety of colors, using non-toxic, food safe dies.  Sold in 5 lb. boxes.  Available in Fine and Ribbon Cut.  Excellent for gift baskets & bags, wine boxes, Easter baskets, gift boxes and many other presentation packaging applications.  The color displayed will vary with each monitor.
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